04 juin 2010

nothing happened

next morning, she painted a watercolor of a holiday hidden inMBT Shoes Clearance the hollow of the old Indus. If he is on this summer, on the tree under the old Indus Pieces have the same love of her, then he will find this painting, watercolor painting was found written on the back of her address.

but she and his story so hasty to an end, nothing happened. She had never received the letter he had written her commitment. She thought that perhaps all is very simple, he taught her fellows, just out of enthusiasm, or just because she blew suck, he is not going to listen, in addition, there was no alternative so. Later, she felt faint was unknown what kind of can not tell Road, just her wishful thinking imagined Bale.

completing the College Entrance Examination, she walked on the Academy of Fine Arts to give up the opportunity to volunteer in all sections in the book are written the Academy of Music. Have to admit, there is a memory that she could not understand why, even if she chose a role that only she a bitter feeling this show, she still want to have a similar life with him.

Later, she graduated from college, staying in school to do a music teacher. Only delayed her personal problems to solve. She also talked about several times in love, but always die a natural death. In fact, those conditions are good, but she always felt that too little stuff.

met him again in a tea house, all on a sudden so quiet, people have not the slightest prepared, so she was completely dumbfounded, what side do not hear people say in, only stared at him: tall, but still so thin, a little more mature, but also the moment to see her somewhat less leisurely.

he did not think a reunion will be as rapid and unexpected as MBT Shoes Salethe building collapsed it, without covering up the eyes of the ecstasy and flawless.

his companions about him: born in a musical family, "Cultural Revolution" his father was sent to a small village, he was admitted to the university from mountainous village only child, but against the very high musical talent the parent is willing, on the one Academy of Fine Arts, wise beyond have no desire to brothels, I do not know how many women were cited as major regret in life.

everyone amused by this half-truths of the joke and laughed, he only watched her, as if blink of an eye she was gone. In that moment, she finally found the time when he sees something she would like to see. If there are any fixed her heart, but remember to stay in tree holes Indus watercolor and those letters from her hard day for him, she confused, is missed will miss, or everything is merely a coincidence?

he could see her mind, a wry smile, no scruples to ask: "What's your name?"

seem to have a bomb explode in her mind with a bang: how is this so?

year, she even forgot to leave my name! Her to beDiscount MBT Shoes careless to the point where! She almost to tears, how the years have not thought of all the speculation about his disappointment and sadness due to her actually a little careless.

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